School Photography

School Photography in Cambridgeshire

Everyone loves School Photos. Eventually.

School photographs are one of the few reminders of our childhood that are cherished for decades. Whether they sit on the fireplace or are stored away, no one ever throws them out. They can transport us back in an instant and will always be special to everyone, even if they were too cool to smile at the time!

We offer a range of styles to sort the needs of the school, for example some like a formal feel to the photos while others prefer a modern and relaxed style. This can be discussed before the big day, and we have plenty of examples to help you decide.

We handle everything for you

If it is down to you to arrange the school photography, we know you are likely to be very busy! Believe handle everything from start to finish and all we need from you is a date and time to come and we can take it from there.

All ordering is direct to Believe and we deliver the ordered photos to your school within a few days of the deadline date given. Orders placed beyond this date are posted to the customer’s address. Easy peasy.



Why Choose Believe?

Some extras to sweeten the deal

We provide professional headshots for all of your staff, free of charge! These are provided in digital format and can be used on your website, newsletters or on the wall!

We provide a commission to schools as a way to raise extra funds for things you need. Many schools find this a huge benefit to the day and can be used as an incentive for parents to give something back too.

Don’t just take our word for it

Believe are able to work around our busy schedule, and are always able to deliver on time. Our parents are very happy with the pricing and have commented on the quality of the photos and the value for money!

Kerry / The Cygnets Preschool

Call Back Request

If you have questions but would prefer us to call you, please leave your details below. We will call you between 9am and 6pm, on the same day if possible. Our number may be private, so look out for the call!