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Honour crime is violence that can lead to murder committed by family members because they believe the victim has bought shame on their family and this can lead to Honour killing (murder). It is a global issue with a current estimated 5000 cases per year. In most cases it caused by refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that your family does not agree with or committing adultery, usually within middle eastern and south Asian families. Another reason I have decided upon Honour crime for my campaign is because it can be a very server case of domestic abuse and Daily women in the Uk are beaten, forced into marriages, threatened, mutilated, locked, and sometimes murdered by family members purely down to Honour yet it is still unspoken of and many people would not recognize the signs Infront of them therefore it is extremely fundamental that Honour crime more than any crime is highlighted in the public eye. Without a campaign like mine cases will continued to be undetected and victims will not get the justice they deserve. My aims for this campaign are to increase awareness, change attitudes and increase reporting and my objectives to achieve these aims is to create merchandise, a social media page and posters however I will need funding to produce these. Therefore, I will be selling the t shirts I make for a donation to aid the funding of my campaign. Additionally, I will hold a small local event run by volunteers with small stalls and activities to raise money to allow me to fund the campaign. I will measure that all my three aims have been successful by measuring how many people have viewed my campaign by keeping track of all my methods for example, I will record the number of calls and emails that come through with reports measuring increased reporting. The amount of t shirts sold will measure if I have increased awareness along with the social media page where I can view people’s action and posts. The change in attitude will be evident from the posts on my social media page as people will post their opinions and describe if my campaign helped them and any sign of a formed supportive community will be evident on there too. Methods and merchandise The methods and materials I will use within my campaign are posters, a social media page and t shirts because this is realistic with the time and budget I will be sticking to as well as achievable for my aims. I will create 200 eye catching posters to be displayed around popular public areas for the community to see and I will ensure I gain permission from the council to do so first. This will allow by passers to turn their attention to the poster and read about the serious issues regarding Honour crime making it more acknowledged by the community. Additionally, these posters will aim to encourage victims or by standers of Honour crime to report their case and seek support by including direct information to anonymous reporting services. These posters may educate people that are unaware of what Honour crime is and recognize a case they have already been aware. These posters aim to be emotive to catch people’s attention and include statistics, contact information and my logo etc. They will cost an average of 30 pounds to print. My posters will be A4 size so its visually easy and legible to read while being a suitable size for public display. Furthermore, to raise awareness of Honour crime I will be creating a social media page to spread my campaign across platforms reaching a vast audience in the most practical way because social media is used mostly by my target audience (16-25) so my page can ensure to reach my aimed audience easily and educate people of the issue. The social media page will also aim to change attitudes of the public eye around this crime to understand the extent and depth of Honour based violence and killings with the consequences of cases going unreported and this change in attitude will hopefully allow the issue to be taken seriously among the public and aid victims to not feel alone. To achieve my aim of increased reporting through social media I will emphasize that cases can be reported anonymously so victims can be less anxious of repercussions through posts, and I will show information on discreate ways to alert phone operators of a dangerous situation by ‘’ordering a pizza’’ when calling our line so family members or people surrounding victims are unaware of their report if they are in danger. This will help phone operators to understand the serious and urgent help needed instantly. It will include all key information to tie my whole campaign together such as my logo and my slogan and all contact information. Anyone will be able to post on my page if I accept their post this will help victims to not feel alone by reading some other people’s experiences of how reporting helped their case and saved them which is an additional way to increase reporting. My Facebook page will portray the message of how serious this crime is however it will also be a support for the community, and this will change the attitudes of the public so this crime can be more acknowledged and understood b everyone. in 2008 there was a law created that anyone caught for forcing Somone into an arranged marriage could be jailed for up to 2 years and I want to remind victims of this through my social media page and other methods so they are aware there is an escape and a way out which will hopefully encourage further reporting and save someone’s life. Additionally, to this, I aim to raise awareness of Honour crime and my camping, raise funds for my campaign and change attitudes of the public by designing and producing 100 t shirts. these will be handed out at small events for a small donation which will be put towards funding for the campaign these t shirts aim to raise awareness of Honour crime as well as my campaign because when people wear these it will make people curious and search up the campaign where they will view it and learn more. I also aim to change attitudes of the public and victims to learn that Honour crime is not something to be hidden and embarrassed of so when people walk around wearing the t shirts it will advertise that it is not anything to be ashamed off and will encourage others to support speak out creating a supportive community with a changed attitude. Also, the more people seen in my t shirts and search up the campaign the more chance there is of my three aims being successful. 100 t shirts will cost me …. These t shirts will have the logo on alone with the campaign name or slogan and some direct contact links for people to get in touch. Another reason for choosing t shirts for my merchandise is because my target audience are likely to wear them around in public and to university and college spreading awareness to more people within this age group and it will ensure they are seen by my target audience too. Statistics – around 12 Honour killings happen per year. Daily women in the Uk are beaten, forced into marriages, threatened, mutilated, locked and sometimes murdered by family members purely down to Honour. Materials I will use – websites for merch, paper for poster, Add links of companies used. Timeline Honour all exclusions – I have chosen this for my campaign name because the word exclusions mean to be left out or an individual being excluded from a group, and I want to portray the message that families should Honour Somone’s choice to exclude themselves from the collectivist group and have their own voice to make their own decisions leading their own life. Your right your choice Get a similar image. You cannot force love because



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